Welcome to the first edition of The Be Well Weekly blog! As I hope you noticed from my site, I am a big advocate of education. Information empowers, and in today’s health climate there is a tremendous need for quality information on all topics around natural health, wellness, and aging more gracefully. I do sincerely hope this blog and my site becomes a trusted regular resource for you as you journey toward optimal health, however healthy you may be today. I intend to keep this blog light and fun, yet full of information at the same time. I welcome you to share and provide feedback along the way. Every Wednesday expect to hear from me. That said; let’s jump into our first topic…

So, “Your jeans to your genes!” What in the world could I possibly be speaking of? I assure you this is not a blog about fashion or Gene Hackman. If you surmise weight loss and/or genetics than you are near correct. Today’s topic centers around one of the most fascinating of body processes, yet confounding to most…detoxification! Normally when I mention detoxification or cleansing to clients who are unfamiliar with the process, I hear the hesitation and get that “deer in the headlights” look. I realized long ago what those terms mean to most people. I can almost see their brains conjuring up images of feeling miserable, hungry, and deprived all while confined to a bathroom with alternating bouts of diarrhea or vomit. I realize immediately the idea sounds more like a punishment than a gift to most newcomers to the concept. So let’s clear the air on it all and explain exactly what detoxification is, why it is needed, and most importantly how you can implement this powerful strategy today.

Metabolic detoxification is a big fancy title that describes your body’s mechanisms for removing or eliminating waste from the body. There are certain big players in this process, namely the GI (Gastro-Intestinal) tract, liver, kidney, and skin. Your body is built with a beautiful design to handle all of the food and drink that enters your system, first in the mouth and to the end of the long tube at the anus. Along that path nutrients are digested, absorbed, transported, and their waste products are filtered and excreted by way of the liver and kidneys. The end products of this entire pathway leave the body through the urine, feces, skin, and mouth through respiration. In an ideal world, food, drink, and air come in, appropriate nutrients are used for all of the thousands of body processes, and waste products are efficiently eliminated. Easy, right? Well, maybe not quite so easy.

We live in a very toxic world today. All of us, to varying degrees, are subject on a day-to-day, even moment to moment, basis with a myriad of toxins. Toxic substances have invaded our soil, our foods, our water, our air, and our homes. Literally tens of thousands of new chemicals have been introduced to our world in the last several decades that never existed before. You can’t see them, feel them, or taste them (usually), but unfortunately they are there and pose a major challenge to that innate body design. Add to that the incredibly SAD (Standard American Diet) of refined sugars and nutrient depleted foods, overconsumption of over-the-counter and prescription meds, and a fast paced world of high stress, and you end up with a recipe for detoxification disaster.

The very design that serves us so well 24/7 365 days a year has its limitations. Your organs of detoxification can’t always function ideally in light of this modern mess, as toxins fail to be eliminated properly and instead get stored in our tissues waiting for their proper exit from the body. The extent of need, or toxicity, will vary from person to person, but the presentation of someone in need of detoxification is much the same. Lack of energy, weight gain, poor digestion, foggy thinking, skin conditions, headache, joint pain, hormonal imbalance, etc. all may indicate simply a body in need of a period of detoxification, or cleansing. Does this sound like anyone you know? Think of it in a similar light to your car’s need for a periodic oil change to improve its overall performance so that it runs better.

Ok, onto the good stuff; the solution! There are any number of programs and products touting detoxification. A successful program ought to have its roots in basic principles that marry science and common sense. The first idea is that during detoxification you cannot continue to fuel the fire. A break from non-nutritious and inflammatory foods is a must, as is a break from potential allergenic foods. Don’t worry, this is not necessarily a permanent break, but if you are to give yourself a fresh start through detoxification, you must refrain from some of the habits that created the sludge in your system to begin with. Next is the implementation of specific enzymes, nutrients, foods, and co-factors that help to support the liver, kidneys, GI tract, and the entire process of detoxification. Diet and specific nutritional products will support this in a very easy to implement way if done right. A proper detoxification is anything but a food deprivation program. It is a nutrient dependent process that is not calorie restrictive at all but rather nutrient conscious. Over a period of time, often as short as just two weeks, toxins “free up” and are safely converted to water-soluble forms for their safe exit from the body. Take the fitting analogy for the current autumn season to think of detoxification as the process of leaves (toxins) that clutter all throughout your yard (your body). At some point those leaves are best raked, gathered, and bagged for removal from your home.

The great news is that most often we eliminate the majority of these toxins through our urine…without even knowing it! No marriage to the toilet, no vomit, and in fact, typically most “detoxees” can go about their normal work and personal business in full throughout a program. Often clients report improved symptoms in mere days of starting a proper regimen.

This process is truly important for each and every one of us, to varying degrees. It is a great jump start for weight loss, and an even better jump start for health gain! It is one of the most fundamental, safe, cost-effective, and impactful ways to take back control of your health. A healthy body on the back end of a period of detoxification can more easily drop unwanted pounds (you will likely do that during the process as well), improve energy, enhance digestion, clear mental fog, etc. and set a foundation for optimal health. Detoxification hits the reset button to allow your body to do well again what it already knows to do. It can make you do everything from feel better in your jeans, to literally improve the health of your genes at a cellular level! Not too shabby, right?

Feel free to email or call me if you want further information on detoxification.

Until next time from The Be Well blog,

Dr. Jeff