I heard an expression a few days ago, one we all know, but for whatever reason it stuck with me this time as it applies to my health practice. The commercial spoke of the notion to “stay ahead of the curve,” having had nothing to do with health in this case, but it created an “aha” moment for me that I wanted to share with you today.

For a wide variety of reasons, I am of the belief that we must quickly shift the paradigm for health care and take a significantly more active role to optimize health than the great majority of the population does today. After all, the last several decades have seen dramatic shifts in the quality of our food, water, air, and chemicals found in every aspect of our lives. Couple this with the great stress of modern living as few take the opportunity to truly “turn it off” for any length of time. These shifts have, to no great surprise, corresponded with the epidemic rises in a wide variety of chronic health conditions, from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and millions living sub-optimally well.

So I would ask you, are you “staying ahead of the curve” when it comes to your health? There are those that can barely see the curve off in the distance who choose to enjoy life on their terms and test fate. Then there are those at the curve who make a concerted effort to eat better, exercise, sleep well, reduce stress, and even take a multivitamin. Unfortunately, even the great share of this group is vulnerable in this modern world for a malady of chronic health problems. They often experience various signs of poor health, but they likely medicate or write them off as “normal” since everyone they know experiences the same. They mean well, but what used to be enough, is just not “enough” anymore, and it is so often the reason why it seems that, like dominoes, the people we love are falling prey one by one to any number of conditions.

Then there are those precious few who need the company of millions more. They are the ones staying ahead of the curve. They go well beyond those on the curve. They take an empowered role in their health, they get evaluated, they read labels, they eat real food, they supplement aggressively according to their needs to do more than avoid disease, but to live optimally well. Their life is about prevention and taking action before problems exist. They think holistically. In order to break the cycle of medication, suffering, and disease in our world today, we all need to ask ourselves if we can do more? If we can, in fact, commit to “stay ahead of the curve.”