Jeff1I thank you for taking the time to check out my site and hopefully share this information with others in your life. If there were one thing I hope to achieve with RNH, it would be to be part of the solution for how we all decide to take care of our health moving forward. I am certain and passionate about a need to shift the paradigm for health away from a sickness model to a proactive wellness model. The tools we have at our disposal at RNH help us to achieve that greater goal, and I am thankful to share that with you.

Let me reverse course for a moment to share a bit about how I got to this very place. I am a native to the suburbs of Detroit, a University of Michigan graduate, and ultimately decided on a career in Chiropractic where I attended Life University in Marietta, GA. I can’t say that I had a great “healing” story through Chiropractic in my youth that led me there, but I was always active in sports and liked the idea of helping people in a natural way. Chiropractic was a natural fit in that sense. It wasn’t until well into graduate school and my first years of practice that I truly gained an appreciation for the natural healing capacity of the body. I realized that I had walked into more than a career. I was granted a license to impact the lives of others, and most importantly, empower them through education to be their own best advocate.

One of my early mentors taught a concept that really hit home and ultimately helped to shape the very holistic philosophy that I have today. It was the idea that we experience stress that falls into either the physical, emotional/spiritual, or chemical/nutritional realm. These are the normal stimuli that we encounter literally all day, every day as we go through life. The amazing design of our body is hard-wired to respond appropriately to each and every stimuli in the most appropriate fashion to ensure survival at that moment, and to try to maintain a level of balance or homeostasis within. I realized that I was having a great impact on the response to physical stress, but I wanted to have a deeper and more organic response for my clients so that their adjustments lasted longer, and their results improved more quickly. I knew intuitively that a poor diet and emotional stress, so prevalent to life today, were the single greatest causes for my client’s mostly chronic health concerns. More often than not, it was the day to day emotional and nutritional tolls that had clients running back time and again for their adjustment. I knew that in order to do best by my clients I had to broaden my scope of practice. This led to a great fascination with functional nutrition, in particular, that continues to this day. I first began to discuss diet and incorporate basic supplementation with patients. I saw results improve in areas beyond what I had expected, and this only propelled my interest to learn and implement more.

The one area that lacked initially with the nutrition work was the ability to quantify success. It was great that clients reported improvements, but I wanted to be able to document real improvement. I wanted them to do more than “feel” well. I wanted them to “be” well. This desire ultimately led to certification through the well-regarded Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition as a Digestive Health Specialist. I began to use a 24-hour Urinalysis as well as thorough client examination and evaluation. The results were profound. I later began to add blood, saliva, and other testing through a large variety of coursework in “functional” medicine/nutrition that continues to this day.

It is with all of this that RNH comes to you. It is the culmination of well over a decade of the successes, setbacks, observations, and ideas coming from my education and experience with clients. It is this holistic, and most importantly safe approach to client care that gives us the ability to help a very wide variety of clients and to measure its success. I am fully committed to continued growth in the ever-expanding arena of natural health. I look forward to your trust and enthusiasm in taking this health journey with me, wherever your health may be today.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive family living in the Detroit area, as well as an amazing wife, stepchildren, and lovable pooch here in NY. We enjoy our free time together as a family, and I take a great interest as both a fan and participant of a variety of sports.