In keeping with the core philosophy of RNH to measure client outcomes, BIA is a fantastic tool that we have to monitor improvement in a wellness model from Day 1 to Day 30 and beyond. It is safe, non-invasive, accurate, cost-effective, and compliments the laboratory evaluation in a perfect way. Let’s take a more technical look at what this technology has to offer.

What is BIA?

Bioimpedance body composition analysis (BIA) provides a clinical assessment tissue and fluid compartments in the human body. A normal distribution of tissue and fluid in the body is considered to be associated with immunity, high function, and longevity. An abnormal distribution of tissue and fluid in the body is associated with susceptibility, low function, and the effects of disease and aging. Bioimpedance analysis measures our vitality at a cellular level.

Rosenberg Natural Health uses the top of the line equipment (RJL Systems) for bioimpedance analysis. This company is the Gold Standard in the BIA industry and their instruments are considered research quality because of a reputation for reliability, accuracy and repeatability. This is the analyzer used by the U.S. Navy.

“Biological material is conductive and constantly changing. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) can measure the electrical conductive properties of living things, and illustrate their changes over time.” – Rudy J. Liedtke

Quantum Analyzers have FDA clearance as a Class II medical device for safe use on the human body to collect BIA data. RJL is registered with the FDA as a Medical Device Manufacturer (Registration No. 1831675).


 What does it measure?

The sharply designed computer generated reports measure any number of key health factors, as well as make customized recommendations. I will personally review this report with you. To be included will be key tissue health factors such as:

  • Resistance
  • Reactance
  • Phase Angle
  • Fat
  • Fat Free Mass (FFM) / Lean Body Mass
  • Total Body Water (TBW)
  • Intracellular water (ICW)
  • Extracellular Water (ECW)
  • Basal metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Daily Energy Expenditure
  • BMI (Base Metabolic Index)

I am excited to share this technology with you as part

of your therapeutic and wellness program!