check yes or no2Evaluation is at the heart of what we do at Rosenberg Natural Health. Evaluation involves several components that take advantage of an intake form, comprehensive survey(s), wellness-based technology, and laboratory evaluation. Evaluation provides an objective baseline for where your health begins on day 1, and then it provides a framework for precisely how you have improved during the course of care. This is one of the great missing pieces in both traditional medicine and alternative care today, yet it will be one of the most valued pieces of the puzzle that I can offer you at Rosenberg Natural Health.

Your evaluation will help focus my efforts to provide the most customized care possible for you, and it will help to inspire you to look forward to the next set of evaluation to look for positive changes.

Take a look at the two drop down windows here to learn more about 2 of the biggest evaluation tools we have at Rosenberg Natural Health.

Remember, we want you to Do More than Feel Well. We want you to BE WELL!

Evaluation is the key to that vision.