What conditions do you treat?

The “treatment” of health conditions is reserved to the practice of medicine typically by way of drugs and surgery. RNH instead uses diet, supplementation, and natural strategies to optimize function. The natural by-product of improved chemistry and function is that presenting signs and symptoms often resolve, as well as the laboratory evidence of disease or dysfunction. You may look better, feel better, and most importantly BE better in this model. The holistic focus on causation versus simply treating symptomatic effects is greatly needed today. Feel free to email us with any specific questions pertinent to your health or condition.

Our goal is always to optimize the health of the internal environment of your body!

What if I have had other testing done?

If you have had other laboratory evaluation, X-ray, MRI, or any other testing done in the last 6 months, the information may be useful. Please gather that or contact your providers to have those reports sent to us for review along with your new client paperwork. We may ultimately recommend laboratory testing that is far more comprehensive than your previous tests, but all recent testing is helpful for review and comparison. All testing recommendations will be made on a case-by-case basis.

What if I don’t live in the NY area?

No problem! Forms can be downloaded on the site to be emailed back upon completion. We can connect by phone, email, or Skype to establish your program from A to Z. Any relevant testing materials will be sent directly to you for completion at a laboratory near your work or home. Finally, any nutritional products can be mailed to your home as well.

Do I continue to take my current medications and / or vitamins, minerals, etc.?

You will stay on any prescribed medication. You may opt to have a conversation with your medical provider to reduce or discontinue medication when your health has improved. That is a conversation between you and your medical provider. As for vitamins, minerals, or other natural supplements, we will address those on an individual basis.

Don’t I get all of the nutrition I need from the foods I eat alone?

In an ideal world, yes! Unfortunately, the quality of today’s soil, the modification of our food, and the choices we too often make, leave what we call nutritional gaps that supplements help to fill. The results of your evaluation will identify your key areas of imbalance. Targeted nutrients in therapeutic doses may be used for a period of time to restore a proper balance to your biochemistry. With that said, a supplement is as the name implies, designed to “supplement” your appropriate diet, not replace it. You will be asked to take what you need, never any more or less.

Why do you recommend certain supplements?

The supplement industry is highly unregulated, and nutritional supplements are NOT all created equal! Many manufacturers use inferior raw materials along with artificial ingredients to produce inexpensive products that simply can’t deliver what they promise. At best these products often don’t help. At worst, they add to the toxic overload in your body. The products we recommend are trusted for their safety, purity, and efficacy from companies we know and trust.

Does my health insurance cover your testing?

We will gladly provide itemized receipts at your request that you may provide to your carrier. All financial considerations will be discussed in advance, and we will make all efforts to structure a program for anyone desiring care.

Ultimately the pursuit of health is a fraction of the cost of fighting sickness and disease.

For any other questions, feel free to send us an email on the contact page.