fruit-and-vegetablesBefore you open the drop down to see a sample of the conditions we may see at RNH, I want to clarify an important point. I do not “treat” any of these conditions. For one, that is beyond my scope of license. Second, it is beyond my scope of philosophy. My goal is simply to restore a more normal function to the body. You will see details of that thought process below.

It is for that reason I include this section on Conditions with a bit of reluctance, as a focus on conditions typically lends itself to a medical model of thinking about chronic health. I urge clients to shift their thinking away from their disease or condition and instead focus on what can be done to optimize their health. It is a subtle shift in thought, but a critical one nonetheless. That said, I share this short list of conditions to highlight a few of the great issues that face our population today, as well as to make clear the fundamental philosophical and case management difference in a medical model vs. a functional model like we use at RNH.

Keep in mind that our goals with ANY labeled medical condition are the same:
1: Recognize unhealthy shifts or tendencies (functional shifts) toward disease in health history, technology, and laboratory evaluation.
2: Decide on a natural course of action using diet, nutritional supplementation, and other lifestyle measures.
3: Restore a more optimal internal environment of the body, as demonstrated by technology, laboratory, and evaluation exhibiting a return to a healthy physiology and function to the body. As this final step occurs, the resolution of signs/symptoms is often the natural by-product. In other words, clients do more than feel well. They ARE well!

This prevailing thought process is the same for any condition I could list here, or for any client that enters a functional model at RNH!